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Best Travel Clothing You Need Before Your Next Trip

Stop struggling with all those bags and check out these great travel clothes that will help you stay organized and keep everything you need in easy reach.

The best travel clothes of 2018


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With all the stuff we lug around with us while traveling like carry-ons, personal items, and luggage, do you ever struggle to find what you need?  Do you have a hard time keeping it all organized?  How many times have you boarded the plane only to realize you left something you wanted inside your carry on that is now stowed above you in the luggage bin?  I have done it a million times!!  Imagine how much easier it would be if you had everything you needed within easy reach?

Travel clothing is the new big thing in simplifying the carry on experience.  Haven’t heard of travel wear? These multifunctional travel clothing items are chalk full of pockets and will be sure to keep you organized.  Always have everything you need in easy reach.

Below are our picks for the best travel clothing.

SCOTTeVEST Women’s Trench Coat – 18 Pockets

This coat is both functional and fashionable.  It comes in 6 colors and has 18 pockets for all your in-flight needs.  One great feature of this coat is the WEIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.  The designer has specially engineered the placement of the pockets to balance the weight load across the entire garment to prevent neck and back pain.  You can stay fully loaded with laptops, cameras, extra lenses, phone, everyday items and more, without feeling weighed down or looking bulky.  Please click the link for the current price.  At the time of the article, this trench is a steal at $75.00

VERSATYL Multi Utility Travel Jacket with 18 Pockets and 29 Features with Detachable Hood Unisex

This quality all season jacket is made from a wrinkle-free and water-resistant material.  This jacket is aimed at anyone looking for the convenience of clever storage in an outer garment while traveling.  With 18 pockets it can carry anything from pens to Ipad.  It features two hand warming pockets, Ykk zippers, and a removable hood.  Past customers recommend ordering one size up from what you would normally wear so that you have extra room to fill pockets.  Price at time of the article was $69.99.  Click the link above for current pricing.


Infinity Travel Scarf w/Secret Hidden Zipper Pocket by WAYPOINT GOODS

This infinity scarf features a hidden packet.  Great for keeping valuables safe and easy access to phone, money, and travel documents.  I love this scarf because you could wear it anywhere when you don’t want to carry a purse.  Available in 12 colors and made from a soft yet durable fabric meticulously stitched with a pocket large enough to fit your Phone, passport, keys, and cash.  I chose to add this scarf to the list because of the glowing reviews of both the material used and the customer service offered by the maker.  You will find less expensive options but this scarf seems to offer both a larger pocket and nicer fabric than most of its competition.  Click the link above for current pricing.  Price at the time of this article was $39.95

SCOTTeVEST Margaux Cargaux Travel Pants -11 Pockets- Travel Cargo Pants

Not into jackets?  18 pockets not enough for you?  Meet your new favorite travel pants, with 11 specially placed pockets for perfect weight management.  Engineered to securely carry all of your everyday necessities, you’ll be able to bring everything you need, no matter where your travels take you! These sleek, comfortable pants are packed with pockets to keep everything you need readily accessible, allowing you to cut a flattering profile, even with fully loaded pockets. Available in black and olive, the Margaux Cargaux Travel Pants are the perfect melding of form and function, whether you dress them up or down. The pants are designed with adjustable ankle tie details and an adjustable, flexible waistband that can be worn high or low rise. With a carefully designed, chiropractor tested, Weight Management System you’ll never feel weighed down no matter how many gadgets you love to carry. From your cell phone to your camera, glasses, lipstick, wallet, passport and more, the Margaux Cargaux pants will become an indispensable travel garment that complements any wardrobe. Made from a comfortable blend of cotton and polyester.  Click the link above for current pricing.  Cost at time of the article was $95.00

Women’s Q.U.E.S.T. Vest – 42 Pocket Travel Vest

The Q.U.E.S.T. offers the ultimate in storage capacity yet manages to remain streamlined and comfortable thanks to the NoBulge pockets and Weight Management System. The 65% cotton/35% nylon fabric is great for temperate weather, comfortable enough to be worn indoors and can be layered with other garments for cooler temperatures. The vest is also Teflon treated for water and stain resistance.  I recommend ordering a size larger than you would normally wear.  Keep in mind with all travel clothing you want extra room so that you can fill all those pockets.  Click the link for current pricing.  At the time of this article, the price was $175.00

Baubax Women’s Sweatshirt Travel Jacket

This looks like the Cadillac of travel jackets.  With a built-in travel pillow, gloves, eye mask, microfiber cloth, and tons of pockets.  The BauBax jacket has 15 features that help all travelers and people on-the-go stay organized.  Pockets for a tablet, smartphones, sunglasses, and even a drink pocket. Available in 4 colors.  Click the link above for current prices.  At the time of this article, the price was $145.99

21 Pocket SCOTTeVEST Cotton Travel Hoodie 

This garment carries your travel necessities so your carry-on baggage can be used for clothing, With everything organized securely on your person, TSA check-ins are a breeze.  21 pockets designed to hold phones, wallets, keys, drone accessories, sunglasses, camera equipment, GoPros, Amazon Kindle, dog treats, leashes, and much more.  This comfy hoodie even has an oversized interior pocket designed to hold iPad as well as Android tablets, Surface Pro or other large items securely and comfortably.  If you get cold hands this hoodie also has rib knit cuffs with hidden thumbholes for added function and comfort.  The fabric is specifically engineered to be wrinkle-free and looks great even after an 11-hour flight.  Click the link above for current pricing.  At the time of this article, the price was $95.00

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