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Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Review

Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki

hilton waikiki

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I recently stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort in Waikiki.  I guess I didn’t know what to expect when I booked our stay here because when we got in our taxi at the airport and I told the driver where we were going he asked, “Which tower are you staying at?”  This was my first hint that we were staying at a massive property.

Pulling up to the village I could see this was a big property but still did not grasp how massive it was.  Not until I checked in and was handed a map did I see that this was almost a city (or village!) onto itself.  Set on 22 acres directly on the Waikiki beach the Hilton Hawaiian Village had over 20 restaurants and bars and several shopping promenades.   The tower we stayed in (the Grand Islander) had 3 pools and I know the property had several others.  For anyone considering staying here or anyone curious about the property, I will highlight my favorite things below, along with the things I didn’t like.  Hope you enjoy. 😊

map of village


We booked our room through the Hilton Grand Vacations.  This is a vacation club that Hilton offers and is similar to a timeshare.  You can purchase a membership that can be used at select locations around the world.  Unlike a timeshare with Hilton, you are purchasing points instead of an actual property.  We are not members but we did take advantage of an offer to explore what the membership offers and sit in on a presentation in exchange for a great deal on our room.

Our room turned out to be a one-bedroom condo complete with a full kitchen and an enormous bathroom.  We were on the 24th floor and our views were stunning.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT OUR ROOM:  The amazing views of the sunset over the ocean.

sunset wikiki beach



food truck


The resort offers a multitude of dining options; however, most were priced pretty high.  Most restaurants on the island were priced higher than we were used to, and we did expect that.  You can see my itinerary with prices on my post One week in Oahu Itinerary.  A few of our favorites were:

  • Tropics Bar and Grill– Located right on the beach with GREAT views of the sunset. Nightly music and drink specials made this a fun place to unwind at the end of the day.
  • Gilligan’s Food Truck– Not actually a Hilton restaurant it was located just off the property by the beach and lagoon (more about that in a minute!).  This was a great place to grab lunch while relaxing on the beach.  They featured the islands famous garlic shrimp along with several other options.  We loved it so much the first time we went back again.
  • Lanikai Juice– This was a good place to go in the morning for a fresh Acai Bowl or smoothie.
  • Round Table Pizza– If you go with kids this is an easy meal. They had take-out, delivery, and a sit down restaurant.  We got the Maui Zaui pizza and it was superb!  We even had enough to take back for lunch the next day.  If pizza is not your thing they also offered salads and sandwiches.
  • Waikiki Starlight Luau– An authentic Hawaiian luau located right on the property.

Things To Do


My favorite thing about this property was the lagoon.  It is a 5-acre saltwater lagoon located just steps from the ocean.  They had kayaks, paddle boards, and water tricycles for rent.  You could also purchase blow-up rafts at the ABC store located on the property and they would inflate your raft for you for $1.00.

I loved this spot because I love the ocean water but have a fear of jellyfish and sharks.  I still love going in the ocean but to just get on a raft and float around would be out of the question for me in the ocean.  In the lagoon, I could do just that.  It was total relaxation knowing I could just lay back and float while reading a book and not worry about how far out I drifted or what might brush up against me in the water.

The resort has 5 pools, we visited 3 of them.  They were decent but crowded.  Overall we preferred the lagoon area to the pools.

The beach was beautiful and very wide.  Lounge chairs and umbrellas were offered for rent only.  I found that a bit strange since any other oceanfront resort I have ever visited included the lounge chairs for the guests.  The cost was $18.00 per chair.  Click on any of the photos below for a larger look around the resort.


Make sure to watch at least one sunset over the water.

Look on Groupon for tours- we found a GREAT one and you can read more about it here.

Even if you are not staying at the Hilton Village you can still get access to the lagoon.  All beaches in Oahu are public.

Rent a car for a day and drive along the east coast up to the north shore.  You will find many great scenic spots to pull off and lots of amazing beaches.  We booked ours through Priceline for $52.00 for the day.  You can check prices by clicking this link Up to 40% off top Rental Car brands Alamo, Avis, Budget, Hertz, National, & more

If you have the chance book a tour at Kuoloa Ranch.  This was the setting for multiple movies and TV shows such as Jurassic World and Lost.  It looks like you are entering another world!  They have zip lines, ATV tours, and bus tours, among others.  After your tour go across the street to the state park.  Here you will have great views of Chainman’s Hat and the beach is really nice.



Hilton village
hilton waikiki
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One thought on “Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Review

  1. Colleen

    November 12, 2018 at 2:30pm

    The pictures are amazing. I have never been to Hawaii but I would like to go someday. I love that you included the idea of using Groupon to make this trip more budget friendly…great idea.

    Permalink  ⋅ Reply
  2. Carly | Fearless Female Travels

    November 14, 2018 at 5:37pm

    I feel like this is such an iconic location in Waikiki! Everyone knows about it, and it’s so special that they keep the lagoon open the public so that everyone can enjoy it. It would definitely be one of my top hotel contenders if I was visiting Waikiki!

    Permalink  ⋅ Reply
  3. Katelyn Murwin

    November 14, 2018 at 6:56pm

    Hawaii is definitely on my bucket list. The pictures you took there are stunning!

    Permalink  ⋅ Reply
  4. Dani

    November 14, 2018 at 7:18pm

    The sunset is gorgeous! And I would probably say the lagoon is my favorite part too. So relaxing. And you go, girl, with the Groupon plan! I always include Groupon deals on my trips 🙂

    Permalink  ⋅ Reply
  5. Sara

    November 14, 2018 at 9:37pm

    Ooooh I do love Hawaii! I have never been to Waikiki, I usually stay on Kauai or Maui but this hotel looks amazing. Such a beautiful spot!

    Permalink  ⋅ Reply
  6. Nadia

    November 14, 2018 at 9:54pm

    This place looks like an absolute dream! Hawaii is on my bucket list, I’ll definitely have to check out the Hilton when I go!

    Permalink  ⋅ Reply
  7. Michelle-That Texas Couple

    November 15, 2018 at 8:03am

    Wow, that does sound like a massive property. I agree that big properties can be a little overwhelming and often the amenities are expensive. Despite that it looks like you had an amazing time and your photos are gorgeous!

    Permalink  ⋅ Reply
  8. Rachel Silverwood

    November 15, 2018 at 11:30am

    Wow this hotel looks amazing! I’d spend all day in the lagoon alone, plus great food is always bonus

    Permalink  ⋅ Reply
  9. Jasmine

    November 15, 2018 at 3:37pm

    You had me at food truck – haha. I’ve been wanting to visit Hawaii for the longest, especially Oahu but every island seems to have its own charms. The views surrounding this hotel are beautiful and I’m always an advocate for Hilton.

    Permalink  ⋅ Reply
  10. Jean

    November 15, 2018 at 8:13pm

    Oh it looks like an amazing place to stay. Do they do the Hilton cookies here?

    Permalink  ⋅ Reply
  11. Melissa Douglas

    November 15, 2018 at 8:25pm

    Wow what a stunning place! Definitely travelling in style here 🙂 A friend asked me to travel to Hawaii for Christmas and I said no. Ha! Maybe it was the wrong choice!

    Permalink  ⋅ Reply
    • Author

      N. Wall

      November 16, 2018 at 12:44pm

      Can I go in your place? LOL Next time you have the chance to go I would encourage you to take it, it is a truly stunning place.

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