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Everyone loves a good travel hack.  I know I am thrilled anytime I can find more than one use for an everyday item.  If it can save me room while packing, even better!! I think we have all had trips where we realize too late that we way overpacked  Or the times we struggle to fit everything we think we need in our suitcase.  Below are some great travel hacks to help make your next trip worry free, and maybe even help save some space while packing.  If you are a business traveler and looking for some great business trip tips and hacks check out Cboardinggroup.com and their article 101 travel hacks for business travelers. 


Take photos of all your important travel documents.  Hotel reservations, Passport, Flight info, driver’s license, confirmation of tours or shuttles.  Take photos of all of it and don’t forget to back up your photos in case you lose your phone.


Throw a couple dryer sheets in your suitcase to keep everything smelling fresh.


When packing cover shoes with a plastic shower cap.  They are stretchy enough to cover almost any shoes.  Most hotels offer them free.  They also make a great bag to throw that wet swimsuit in if you forgot a wet bag.


Buy small zip-top baggies at a craft or hobby store, or order here on Amazon.  Place each day’s jewelry in a baggie.  This will keep necklace chains tangle free and storing silver in airtight baggies will prevent tarnishing.  Another great jewelry hack is to buy press n seal plastic wrap.  It sticks together so your jewelry will stay clear of tangling chains.


Empty medicine bottles are small and most have screw-tight lids that will prevent liquid from spilling out.  Fill them with small items like Q-tips, bobby pins, hair ties, etc.  If you put lotion or liquids inside be sure to follow the tip below before putting the cap back on.


Have you ever opened your suitcase only to discover the shampoo leaked all over everything?  Take a piece of plastic wrap and insert it between the bottle and the cap.  Screw tight and you can throw it in your bag without having to worry.


Store small amounts of liquids in contact cases.  Foundation?  Moisturizer?  Fill the case with each and throw in your purse or carry on.  Great for on the go touch-ups or a weekend away.


Use storage baggies (or splurge on actual compression travel bags like these on Amazon) and roll (not fold) each day’s outfits into each bag. Not only is this a great way to easily grab a ready to go outfit each day but you can also use the bag to store your dirty clothes in afterward.  Win-win!!


These make great containers for storing your charging cables and earbuds.  Keep them safe and tangle free plus they will be easy to find when you need them.  If you have a lot of electronics you may want to buy one of these handy organizers.


Use a heat sealer (this one is only $15.99 on Amazon) to seal the end of a plastic straw and then fill with a days worth of sunscreen, concealer, or any liquid product.  Seal the other end and you’re ready to go.  Just snip off one end with nail trimmers or scissors when you are ready to use it.

Over the door organizers

over door organizer.

If you have any of these at home they are GREAT for long trips or cruises.  Usually sold as shoe organizers you can buy these here or at any big box store.  Use them to organize your toiletries in those tiny cruise ship bathrooms or keep beach toys or snacks in them if traveling with kids.  There is no limit to the uses you can get out of these things and they don’t take up any room in your suitcase.


Don’t forget to back up everything as you go.  If you have a cloud storage be sure to connect to wifi throughout your stay and back up your photos.  If you lose your phone you don’t want to lose all your information and memories too.

Download books and movies before you go

Before you leave download any books or movies you might want for the flight or while on vacation.  WIFI can be spotty or slow in airports or at your final destination so best to do it before you go.  I can’t travel without my Kindle.  If you don’t have one yet you can buy one here.  The Kindle Fire 7 with Alexa will let you download audiobooks and movies or get the paperwhite for reading in the sun.  If you haven’t tried audiobooks yet you can get one for free by clicking on the link below, they are a great way to pass the time while driving, waiting in long lines (like TSA!) or on flights.

Get Any Book Free!Get started with a 30 day free trial and get your first book on us!Sign up today and stream or download your first audiobook free.

Do you have a favorite travel hack?  I would love to hear about it in the comments below.  If you found this helpful please share, I appreciate it.

a trip with a view travel tips

a trip with a view travel tips
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