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What To Pack For A Cruise

Everything you need for a cruise

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What to pack for a cruise

What to pack for a cruise

Gearing up for a cruise vacation?  Not sure what to bring?  Don’t worry!  Below are my recommendations for what to pack for a cruise.  Make sure to check with your cruise line for restrictions on luggage size and weight.  Many cruise lines will allow you to bring a bottle of wine and bottled water, check your cruise website for details.

Most cruise lines allow you to board during the day and then deliver your bags to your room at a later time.  I recommend keeping a carry on bag with you and pack what you want for that day and evening.  I always keep a swimsuit, cover-up, and what I plan to wear to dinner that first night, along with any shoes and accessories I may want.  Always keep your prescription medication and any important documents with you in your carry on.  I have provided an Amazon link for each recommendation, simply click on the photo or hyperlink below for current pricing.

Portable Charger

What to pack for a cruise

You will want to bring a portable charger like this one.  Throw it in your bag when you leave for an excursion or have it handy in case of power outages.  I take one with me on every trip just in case.

Packable Jacket

What to pack for a cruise

Bring a jacket.  Sure you may be going on a tropical cruise and expecting 80-degree weather but nights can get chilly on the ocean and rain showers can pop up anywhere.  I like this packable travel jacket that folds down into this easy to pack pouch.  Available in 5 colors.

Travel Power Strip

You may not have many outlets in your room.  This compact power strip can charge with USB or AC.  Don’t choose between charging your phone or using your flat iron, be prepared with this easy to pack charging station.

Hidden Flask

What to pack for a cruise

OK, this one is a bit sneaky but do you know what they charge for alcohol on a cruise??  If you don’t spring for the drink package then you may want to think of packing your favorite adult beverage in one of these.  Don’t pack the actual bottle of booze in your bag, they will inspect your luggage and throw it out.  Some cruise lines do allow one bottle of wine per adult but check with your cruise line for more details.  Secret Flask kit.

Motion Sickness Relief

Sea-band bracelets or another form of motion sickness relief is a good idea.  I never felt any motion sickness on a cruise ship but I have been with other people that do and they swear by these bands.  Wear one on each wrist to prevent sickness.

Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle

Collapsable water bottles are easy to throw in your bag and convenient to fill at a drinking fountain or at the fountain drink stations on the ship.  Save money on buying bottled water, and 10% of all baiji bottle profits go to dolphin rescue and protection programs.

Cruise Luggage Tag Holder

What to pack for a cruise

You will receive tags that need to be clearly displayed on your luggage.  These handy luggage tag holders are for Printed Paper Cruise Tags (4 OR 8 Per Pack depending on your selection) – they have been designed to easily fit/ hold the printed paper boarding pass and will fit your folded A4 documents, so no need to carry around a stapler or clear tape anymore.

Organizer with Over the Door Hooks

What to pack for a cruise

Have you seen the size of the bathrooms on a cruise ship?  If you bring any bathroom products or beauty supplies you will want to pack one of these over the door organizers.  Keep things secure and easy to reach and they pack flat so they take very little room in your bag.

Insulated Tumbler 

What to pack for a cruise

Remember those secret flasks?  You will need something to mix that drink in.  This 30 oz insulated tumbler with double wall vacuum insulation for extreme temperature retention can keep a tumbler of ice frozen for 24H and will keep your drink ice cold while you are lying by the pool.  It will also keep your coffee hot, nice to have if you want something bigger than the 8 oz cup in your room.

Folding Clothes Hangers

What to pack for your cruise

Do you like to hang up your clothes?  They never give me enough hangers on a cruise.  These hangers fold down so small they will hardly take up any room in your suitcase but you will be glad you have them instead of trying to live out of your luggage for a week.

Folding High Powered Binoculars

Is that a dolphin out in the distance?  You won’t know for sure unless you bring a pair of these Folding High Powered Binoculars.  Fully Multi-Coated Lenses, Waterproof, Hyper-Durable Anti-Slip Grip Gives You Everything You Want. Light-weight and can be folded, very convenient and easy to carry.

Packable Backpack Water Resistant

What to pack for a cruise

This backpack folds down into a small pouch that is so easy to throw in your bag or put in a pocket when you head off for your excursion.  Make souvenirs easy to carry with this handy backpack.  Plus it can double as your beach bag for throwing your cover-up, book, and sunscreen in when heading down to the pool.

Travel Accessories Kit

What to pack for a cruise

Sure you can buy travel bottles and fill them with your larger bottles at home, but if you want to take the easy way around all that this 20 piece kit comes with everything you need for a week away and it comes with a handy travel bag.  All for under $20!

Compression Bags for Clothing

Oh, how I LOVE compression bags!!  These Compression Bags for Clothing will squeeze out all that extra air and allow you to fit twice as much stuff in your suitcase.  For people that want to get away with fitting everything in a carry on these are a must.

Luggage Straps

If you have a common colored suitcase you will want to think of ways to make it stand out and easy to find.  These luggage straps come in a variety of colors and will also help secure your bag.  Don’t be one of those people wandering through a sea of luggage after the cruise reading ID tags trying to find the right bag.  Make it easy with a bright colored strap.

For a FREE packing list, you can download and print click. Cruise Packing List

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  1. Amanda

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